Pictures from Kauai 2010

We went to Kauai in September of 2010.  Her are some pictures (well, actually, quite a few pictures) from our trip.

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Ferrn Grotto and Luau

Waimea Canyon

Na Pali Coast trip




Late afternoon-looking over part of our pool and down into Hanalei Bay   Sun setting into Hanalei Bay   The obligatory rainbow picture-look closely and you can see it is a double
Pictures from our balcony        
A type of Cardinal   A dove-both on our balcony with us   We didn't see any Albatross
These 6 pictures were taken   on the beach below our resort   and at the eastern edge of Hanalei Bay
The resort pool        
    After it rains you can see quite a few waterfalls like this one    

All of the pictures above were taken at our resort or on the beach below the resort.

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The following pictures were taken on trips around the island.

Our first trip was to ride the boat up to the Fern Grotto and to go to a Luau.  According to the tour guide, the Fern Grotto is the second most visited tourist attraction in all of the islands.  Second only to the Arizona Memorial.  I have been unable to confirm that but I have a firm policy of not contradicting Hawaiians so there you have it.  Also, when you see the pictures you'll wonder why anyone would visit it.  We are told that it was once much more beautiful but it was wrecked by a hurricane and is now regrowing.

One of the boats used for the trip up to the Fern Grotto   On the river   A "native village"
On the boat   In front of the>>>   Grotto
Walking into the Luau   Blowing the conch horn   digging up the pig
Additional pictures to be posted after

video is processed


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Our second day trip was to the Waimea Canyon, also know as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific


That same day we also went to a dinner theater to see South Pacific.  Of course, photography was not allowed so no pictures.  We do, though, have a picture a friend of ours took of a sunset as seen from "Nurses Beach", the beach where parts of the movie version of South Pacific was filmed.

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The third trip was a wild boat ride up to the Na Pali Coast.  This is the north shore of the island and there are no roads into this area.  We did our first snorkeling on this trip.  Pictures from that are posted a little further below mixed in with pictures from our second snorkeling adventure which was on the beach below our resort.

Our boat, a 24' Rigid Hull Inflatable boat powered by two 150 hp outboards.  There were 14 tourists, the deck hand, Mads (shown here getting ready for the trip) and Captain Matt.   Dolphins seen on the trip up the coast   Along the coast
In a cave that has lost part of it's roof   Same cave   Hard to see but the arch here goes through to another beach.  Perspective is very difficult.  This arch is actually 90' high and they used to fly helo tours through it before the FAA put a stop to that.  Stop was not for safety of passengers but for fear that the vibration would loosen the rocks and damage the arch.
Captain Matt   X does not mark the spot.  This X is formed by volcanic dikes.  According to Hawaiian legend, it is a mark put up by the god of the fire and volcanoes, Peli, when she is through with the island.  All of the Hawaiian Islands have an X similar to this, except the big island, which still has an active volcano.  Something to think about.    

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The fourth day trip was a tubing expedition.  It ran 4.5 miles in a canal that was supposedly dug by hand in the 1870's to provide water to a sugar cane plantation.  Of the 4.5 mile segment that we tubed, roughly 70% was in tunnels, also supposedly dug by hand.

At the start       Into tunnel 2
    going over a small waterfall   at the end

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Snorkeling pictures

Some of these were taken up on the Na Pali coast at a State Park beach and some were taken in Hanalei Bay below our resort.  Don't ask what any of the fish are.  I don't know.


And that's all folks!

Hope you enjoyed

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