Europe 2016
Here are some pictures from our trip to Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and then a cruise from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale.  Sep 29-Nov 11.

Our first stop was Iceland and the highlight of that was seeing the Northern Lights.  No still picture can do them justice but here is one to give you an idea of how it looked to us.
  Blue-Lagoon1.jpg (272291 bytes)
    At the Blue Lagoon.  All tourists should visit the Blue Lagoon.
    town6.jpg (521259 bytes) 
A couple of pictures from around Reykjavik      

Our next stop was Italy.  We spent a couple of day around Gaeta and Formia, where we used to live, then down to Monte di Procida to visit with our Italian family and to see our second Italian home, then down the coast and over to Sicily.

Formia-bay.jpg (296694 bytes)    Formia-house3.jpg (493399 bytes) 
Looking across Gaeta Bay from down near our old house in Formia    Our house is hidden behind the trees below the castle. 
Gaeta1.jpg (293983 bytes)   Gaeta4.jpg (724171 bytes)
Around Gaeta   Downtown
Gaeta-Italo1.jpg (263083 bytes)   Gaeta-piccolo1.jpg (204880 bytes)
Ristorante Italo.  Spaghetti in a bag. One of our all time favorite
Italian meals in one of our favorite restaurants.  I first ate here in 1982.
  Piccolo Alley-so called by the Americans in town.  A great place to shop.
school1.jpg (453021 bytes)   school2.jpg (375343 bytes)
The building where Erin went to 8th grade and Gail taught for two years.   It now stands empty.
family1.jpg (272813 bytes)   family2.jpg (381648 bytes)
With Genaro and Maria Three generations
Bacoli.jpg (594206 bytes) Miseno.jpg (307170 bytes)
The view from my old apartment   The view from our hotel
Paestum1.jpg (314493 bytes)   Road-south9.jpg (346512 bytes)
The first stop on the road south was Paestum for lunch
and a picture or two.
  On the road south looking at where we are going.
Siracusa17.jpg (534206 bytes)   Siracusa24a.jpg (557245 bytes)
In Siracusa
Siracusa1.jpg (344431 bytes)    Siracusa28.jpg (122603 bytes)
The view from our room in Siracusa   In front of some Greek ruins
Siracusa31.jpg (625128 bytes)   Siracusa32.jpg (613386 bytes)
Siracusa Roman ruins   Siracusa Greek ruins
VRdC1.jpg (631860 bytes)   Piazza-Armerina2.jpg (446618 bytes)
Near the middle of Sicily is the Villa Romana di Casale which
has the most amazing mosaic floors.  Preserved since the 4th
century AD
  The nearby town of Piazza Armerina
Villa-Calandrino1.jpg (393256 bytes)   Valley-of-the-Temples2.jpg (331205 bytes)
Villa Calandrino, 19th century home turned into a 4 star hotel.
One of Gail's favorites
  A Greek temple in the Valley of the Temples in
south western Sicily
Segesta.jpg (559645 bytes)   Cornino4.jpg (260288 bytes)
Segesta.  Another Greek temple in western Sicily   Cornino looking south
Cornino6.jpg (615262 bytes)   Cornino2.jpg (476486 bytes)
Cornino looking back across the bay.   Our place in Conino, situated under that big hill in the photo to the left.
Cornino8.jpg (430885 bytes)   Cornino-Sunset.jpg (203639 bytes)
A little sandy beach we found on the north shore of Sicily.
Perfect for swimming
  Sunset from Cornino and the end of the Italian pictures.

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