Europe 2016 Page 2
Portugal, a few days in Spain, and then the cruise.
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Our timeshare near the town of Portimao in the famous
Algarve area of Portugal.
  Cape St Vincent, the southwestern most point of Europe.
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Our favorite beach   Portimao as seen from the beach.
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After dinner at a beachfront restaurant.   Getting ready to go riding.
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Scenes from our ride.    
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    We left Portugal and took a high speed train from Sevilla to Barcelona.
300 km/h = 186 mph.  We actually saw it hit 314 but Ididn't get a picture of that.

On to Spain.  We were there for only a couple of days and took the opportunity to return to Cardona which is a little over an hours drive from Barcelona.
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The castle is the hotel.  Part of the Parador chain of hotels.   Looking the other way, into the town of Cardona.
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    The main lobby
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    Going to dinner.
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Waiting for dinner 2016 Waiting for dinner 2003
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The dinning room.   Montserrat, on the way back to Barcelona and our cruise ship.

Our cruise was on the Celebrity Equinox, from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale with stops in Cartagena, Spain; Agadir, Morocco; Arrecife, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain, and Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

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Cartagena on arrival   We couldn't resist
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At the market   The town of Agadir
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For the tourists   At the Berber show
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Arrecife   Downtown
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Blue and white everywhere.    
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Sunrise as we were arriving in Santa Cruz, Tenerife.   One of the small towns that dot the coast near Santa Cruz.
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While on Tenerife we took the tour to Loro Park.  Part show,
part aquarium, and part zoo.  A nice way to spend a few hours.
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Scenes from around the ship    
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The spot for breakfast and lunch, and afternoon snacks, and
before bedtime snacks, and....
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The place for dinner   Show Time!
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In Florida, lunch with cousin Christy.   Visiting old friends, Ralph and Grace Humbertson