2021 Camping
We went on two camping trips in 2021. Both had abbreviated return trips. First was a trip to Colorado in May. Gail flew to southern California and Muzzy and I drove down to pick her up. The second trip was following Highway 2 from Washington to Michigan and that was in September and October.
The May Trip
I-5 from Washington to the LA area has become very familiar and no pictures were taken. I-40 from California to New Mexico went by in a rush and again, no pictures were taken. In part, this was caused by Covid which still had the Navajo parks closed so we didn’t get to visit some of the places we wanted to see when we first started talking about this trip. This turned out to be Musby’s last camping trip. He died not too long after we returned.
Here we are in Red Rock Park, a city park outside of Gallup, NM
Our next stop was at Harry’s where Gail got to meet his new wife, Mary Ann and watch the deer grazing behind his house. While we were there, Sam and Linda came and Harry’s driveway started to look like a used RV lot.
Camped along the Arkansas River, and a currently unused railroad line, in one of the several Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area campgrounds.
The kind of scened Colorado is famous for. This might be Mt Harvard.
Muzzy and I hung out at this very nice Chatfield Lake State Park on the outskirts of the Denver metro area while Gail visited her cousin Carol.
Our trip home from Denver got rushed and the only picture was taken at Farewell BEnd State Park in eastern Oregon