Canada 2011


In September we went to a resort in Canada on Lake Okanagan.  When we booked this trip we didn't know we'd be in the middle of building our new home.  As a result, we didn't stay for the full week but it was a good break from watching the house go up.  The unit we got was a large, two bedroom condo overlooking the lake.  The highlight of the trip was our first experience with a zipline.  Here are some pictures and short videos.

The closest one is ours   from the deck   Looking out from our bedroom (the loft) just before sunrise
sunrise   The view along the lake   Sunset looking north along the lake
Getting ready to go ziplining   On the way   More or less upside down
    Small Horn    

Videos: Note 1. It appears that FrontPage 2003 (my trusty web editing software) doesn't know how to embed a video player so on the following videos you'll click on the link and then download the video and play it on your computer (normally you can choose to either save the video or just send it to your default video player). 

Note 2:  These videos were shot on our cheap little underwater camera which has no zoom capability.

Zipline video I shot this riding across the canyon.

Another crossing video

In the beginning of this video you think nothing is happening but in fact, Gail is working her way across the canyon (camera did not have a zoom capability)

Gail going across the canyon on a shorter ride