Even More Pictures from our winter at Gaviota

I expect this will be the last page of pictures from our time at Gaviota.  I'm opening it with pictures taken on our return from Rancho Oso after the big storm had gone by.

The sand is gone   May take two years to fully return   Here you can see the remains of the pilings from an earlier pier, maybe the one the Japanese Submarine fired on in 1942  
Santa Barbara as we left on our whale watching trip   Thar she blows! Gray whales have two blowholes which produce this typical "heart shaped" spout.   You can see most of the whale in this picture.  The Grays are migrating south at this time of year.  
In this view you can see Santa Cruz Island in the background   The intrepid whale watchers   A Bald Eagle sitting on Santa Cruz Island watching for dinner  
A better picture of same   Surf along Santa Cruz   The Painted Cave, the longest sea cave in the world.  The crack the water is streaming down is a fault that forms the cave.  
    Santa Cruz Island has a big fault that runs across the island.  It is volcanic on one side and something else on the other side.  I think the guide said that Santa Cruz was formed when two plates collided but then broke off and is somehow now connected to the Pacific Plate  
More of the Santa Cruz coast   Some Common dolphins playing around the bow of our boat. See Jon McPhee, Assembling California for more info on plates, collisions, faults, and what California is made of, geologically speaking.  
Our lawnmower-after all that rain we had to use this   Gail's kiosk buddy   A successful fisherman  
More rain and the creek came back up and we went back to Refugio   Here you can see where the creek is flowing down the road   With creek flooding the surf turns brown  
    And we have a nice waterfall coming down the east cliff   Fortunately, we only were out of the park for two nights.  Back in we enjoyed some nice sunrises  
    Elephant Seals-here one or two are nursing   A young male  
Two males arguing-the one on the right kept backing up until he was in the water   The Elephant Seals are found just a few miles north of the Hearst Castle  
Up on the flippers
Moving up to two tons on the sand is tough work   Up the main stairs to the Hearst Castle   The view from the patio  
The outdoor pool       Inside one of the guest cottages  
The front door   Flags from Siena line the dinning room   The standard table setting.  Mr. Hearst used a lot of ketchup and also required common mustard.  
The indoor pool   A panoramic view of Morro Bay   Back at Gaviota on a sunny afternoon  
Rain coming-this was a small storm   The sun no longer sets into the ocean as seen from the beach   The sand is returning  
How many sunset pictures can I take?  A Lot!          
Surfers back right before sunset   With the wind out of the southeast the surf was up      
A later storm produced this large surf   The Tsunami that was produced by the big earthquake in Chile caused the Rangers to close the park and advise us to leave.  this picture was taken at Refugio.  Fortunately, the tsunami came at low tide so it is pretty hard to see.   The Castillio's trailer and ours at Refugio for a few hours while we waited for the tsunami to go by.