Gaviota 2009-2010


First a few Panoramic pictures

That is our trailer in the right foreground.  You can just see the nose of our co-host's trailer on the right edge.

This is the view out our back window.

The view from the front of our trailer

And the view from the pier.  This is nearly a 180 degree panorama.  The coast is actually pretty straight here so the pier is not attached to a point as it appears in this picture.  I need to learn more about the perspective tool to see if I can fix it.


The Campground looking from the east   This is looking towards the park just after getting off of highway 101   The kiosk at the gate where we spend 4-5 hours per day-more on Saturday  
Looking south (towards the beach) with the rear of our trailer   Not all days have clear blue skies   I guess these guys do not have their IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) license  
One of the Pelicans that hangs around on the pier   Surprisingly, this train is running from right to left with the engine in the rear   No caption needed  
Gail driving the Gator   A weak rainbow just visible to the right of he land   The second of what will probably be many sunset pictures  
A view up the Gaviota Hot Springs Trail   From the HS trail looking up the canyon used by 101   This bubbling mud hole is the actual hot spring  
The two ponds fed by the hot spring   A view up the trail to Nojoqui Falls   Nojoqui Falls

pronounced no-ho-he


One of the gaviotas our park is named for

  The boys off the leash at Jalama Park beach   I'm going where you're going  
What is it?   Alison came to visit on Thanksgiving and got a tour   Here we are on "our" pier in our CA Volunteers jackets  
The pier in the late afternoon   As seen from the hillside to the east of the park   A Cooper's Hawk as seen from inside our trailer  
A Red Tail Hawk we have quite a few of these flying overhead   A small flight of Pelicans   A Gull watching the sunset with me  
Surfers returning just before the park closes for the day   Sunset along the coast      
These three pictures are of a bobcat walking through the park   They were taken through the trailer window and with a short lens   so these are just a small piece of the total picture which is why they won't enlarge very much  

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One of the things that attracts people to our park is launching boats from the pier and from the beach.  Here are some pictures of boats be recovered-first some pier shots followed by getting a Skidoo from the water over the beach.


Hooking up   hoisting   over the rail  
onto the trailer   a taller boat      
Now the Skidoo sequence          
Here comes our happy pair of surfers   This is the dolly they use to get the boat across the beach   getting together  
Here you see the first problem, the dolly back rides higher than the boat's bow   Working to get the dolly under the boat   still working  
got it started   ugh-up the beach   still pushing  
finally with a little help          

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