Pictures from Gaviota 2011

3/21  We left Gaviota on the 19th because there was a good probability of some significant rain falling that night and the next morning.  These pictures were taken by one of the Rangers on the 20th.

The water roaring down the road and across the bridge and into the park   The creek   That body of water just to the right of the nearest building is where our trailer lives.
    Look at the water level on the picnic tables.    

3/18 Some more pictures from a group of 5 baby elephant seals released today.

Gail said this was true eye candy, I thought it was Andrew   Come on out little fellow   Why are you watching me?
Come on slow poke!   The first pair into the water   The next pair.  The gray just showing on the right of the door is a little seal that doesn't want to slide out.
Hello   The last one in the water.   The sky this evening was a sort of purple and yellow color,

3/16 A few pictures from early March.  The marine mammal rescue folks have been releasing baby elephant seals all this week.  These four were released tonight. As I understand it, the baby elephant seals lose their baby fur a few months after being born and lose some of their skin with it.  Some of them get sick during this and so spend a some time with the rescue folks but now it is time to return to the sea.

Sunrise (left over from February when the sun still came up out of the sea)   An egret working under the pier at sunset   Taken while we watched for the tsunami.  Because of the direction the wave came from and the shape of the coastline, we never saw even a ripple.
If you put your boat trailer in salt water and don't flush it out (inside the frame as well as outside) one day when you put your boat on it, this is what will happen.   Just after sunrise this morning   Ditto
More   Baby elephant seal being unloaded from the truck.   Hey boss, I don't want to go.
3 headed for the ocean and one....   I really, really don't want to go.   A seal rescuer has to do what a seal rescuer has to do and baby you got to go.

2/3 Pictures taken during an Abercrombie and Fitch shoot.  Hopefully, none of them show the clothes the models were wearing for the shoot as they asked us not to take pictures of the new clothes as they didn't want anyone to get advance knowledge of their line.  So, if you see something that isn't in the catalog, don't tell anyone.  The photographer of this event was a fellow named Bruce Weber.  Google him to see some of his many famous pictures from the advertising world.  A really big name we were told.

These two motor homes are the mobile offices   There were 4 tents set up. To the left of this was the cook tent (caterer from Vancouver because Bruce likes her organic foods-couldn't find an organic food chef in Santa Barbara?). The left hand ten above was the eating tent.  Next came the tent with racks of clothes, ironing boards and at least one sewing machine.  The final tent had non-see through sides-the changing tent maybe?   One of the several vintage vehicles used as props.
Remember this?  The Volkswagen Thing.   '67 or '68 (I think '68) Camaro Super Sport.  Since the camera is on the driver side of the car, I can only guess that he had something in his hand   She was very happy to see him
There were lots of people watching each shot, including one of the Park Rangers   Danny and Jacqui, our co-hosts   and one curious gull
    And in keeping with their retro beach theme, we had some sand buggies.  Not very retro, the one on the right is worth $100,000   As a general rule, vehicles are not allowed on the beach.  But, if you leap through certain hoops, and pay the park dept big bucks....
The models spent a lot of time waiting-here some guys killed time with a frisbee   The time honored way of waiting   A choreographer was part of the staff.  Not that they shot much video of dancing models but they used it as way to loosen up the models.
More time killing   We are not in Miami!    
The briefing prior to the final shot   Warming before jumping in the ocean   After the swim
The beach after a few fun runs        

1/27 Some pictures of the activity around sunset.

A nice, sunny calm day.  Our awning goes out only on calm days and then only for a couple of hours to provide some shade in the afternoon.   A little bit before sunset with some visitors on the beach   A family that is serious about a beach picnic.  Check out that barbecue grill.
A boat being swung over the pier and lowered onto it's trailer   As soon as one boat starts down the pier an empty trailer is moving down the pier for the next boat   A young man not paying attention to the boats.  He was one of the few with a catch that day.
Meanwhile, another group of surfers work to get their boat on the trailer   and up the beach.  It was a relatively low tide this evening so they had a lot of beach to push the boat over.   Boat with surfboards balance on the bow
Interesting distortion of the sun in this photo, maybe from the moisture in the distant cloud bank (or marine layer as they call it here)   A different day but a similar sunset   After the surfers and the boat are gone, peace and quiet returns to the pier and the evening fishing family

1/20 A few pictures from a nice day at the beach

A nice smooth beach after an above average high tide   Family fun   More family fun


1/20 The launch of a Delta IV heavy lift rocket putting a large National Reconnaissance Office package into orbit.

Youtube videos of the launch here, here, here, and here

When we first saw the rocket it had no contrail   Then it went through a layer of atmosphere where it generated a trail   Further up
All of the contrail after a few minutes of wind have shaped it.   Some of the people who came down to the park to watch the launch.    


1/15 Bill Thomas took me flying on a beautiful Saturday.  Here are a few pictures of Gaviota from the air.  Again, additional pictures to be posted after the video is processed.

Approaching the park from the east.  Gail is the person in red in the lower left       A general overview
Overhead.  That is our trailer in the center   For more on the park from the air see the video   A lucky group, pulled in here because they heard a "funny noise" in the rear of their motorhome.   I guess having 6 of 8 studs broken so your wheel is only held on by two lug nuts would cause some noise.


1/12 We drove up to see the Hearst Castle and the Elephant Seals in mid-January.  Here are some pics from that trip.

In the bedroom right under one of the bell towers   ditto   The kitchen.  No flash allowed so the picture is just a bit blurry
The main stove   Even in the kitchen the faucets are gold plated   More, and better, Elephant Seal pictures on the video


The First bunch of pictures from Gaviota 2011

Our first day back 12/29.10   Same day   1/6 We had interesting clouds all day and funny sky colors, one Ranger said the sky looked tropical.
Here clouds are streaming from the south west.   Sun setting under the clouds   1/12 Another day, another sunset
One of the hosts out on the pier to remind people of closing time   A gull hoping the fishers have some luck