Gaviota 2014

A sunny, busy day in mid-January
So, here we are back at Gaviota and this is the sunset our first night back. And a couple of days later we had a nice sunrise  
And another nice sunset A family watching the sunset Cell phone shot of another January sunrise
The 17th of January and we had some families enjoying the beach. Late January A mixture of sun and fog in late January
A cool day and no fishermen to scare of Los Gaviotas.  (Gaviota=gull).  All the white stuff on the pier shows how long it has been since California had a good rain. Early February and you can see the sun is swinging north as it sets closer to the coast. While taking the dogs for their morning walk I saw this.  Only had my cell phone but it is better than nothing.
On a clear day you can see the Channel Islands well.  This is Santa Rosa.  I liked the way the fog was blowing off of it. Another sunrise But this one had red-ish skies to the west.  No storm followed.
Late February and we are about to lose our sunsets into the sea. A family enjoying the last light from the previous sunset. At the end of February there was a big storm coming so we left the park and went down to Pt Mugu where we saw this.
When we returned to Gaviota in early March we found the storm had sent our sand elsewhere. Worse, the storm had taken the last 50 feet or so off of the pier and damaged the rest of it  You can watch the end break off here. The high seas threw a bunch of stuff into the parking lot.  Here is a pile of it that the cleanup crew has collected.
Two weeks later an a little bit of sand has returned. In spite of the broken pier and the rough beach we had the Sea Otter survey team back.  Here they are bringing one ashore to be examined. Getting ready to give the Otter a shot of sleep stuff
Almost the end of March and we have some more sand. The gate at the end of the pier.  No more boat launches and no more fishing. One of the things we really enjoy doing on our days off is riding our tandem bike down the coast.  The fine print says "mid-point today's ride".
Cruising down the road Beautiful ocean views and the railroad track.  Some days we get to wave to passengers on the Amtrak. This one says, "where we started our ride".