Hawaii 2012
Pictures from around the islands
Top Poipu Beach, Kauai, and Weimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific
One of the more famous flowers on the islands, the Birds of Paradise   Black Rock from Kaanapali beach   Black Rock from the water
sunset sailing   The green flash fading out   Maui sunsets
        Kaanapali Beach
That many folks around the rocks means there was probably a turtle swimming around   Also Kaanapali Beach   The beach at Kahana.  Our timeshare is behind the photographer.
The island of Lanai as seen from Kahana   Oahu Arizona Memorial and the former USS Missouri.   Big Mo
Bellows Beach from our cabin   Along Bellows Beach   Rain clouds, Bellows Beach
Sunrise, Bellows Beach   An Islet known as Chinaman's Hat just up the coast from Kaneohe Bay-this can also be seen in the Hawaii Five-0 opening.   The noisy, leaky, Jeep we had.
Part of the view from the Pali lookout   Weimea Canyon    
The beach at the Navy base on Kauai   Empty parking lot at the Navy beach   Beautiful woman, Mustang convertible, and an empty beach.  Perfect!
Cabins at the Navy beach   Poipu Beach   Spouting Horn on Kauai
One of three pools at our timeshare   Sunset from Beach House Restaurant   The view from our timeshare