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Our next stop was at Lewis and Clark Caverns, Montana where Erin, Courtney, and her husband, Mikael joined us.  lcc1.jpg (162861 bytes)  That is the three of them, our dog Chancy and their dog Yukon.  While there, everyone toured the caverns (excepting yours truly who stayed with the dogs).  As you might expect, the caverns had lots of neat rock formations.  lcc2.jpg (147813 bytes)  Check out the "Golden Dome".  The whole group of us then moved north and west in Montana, stopping for four days at Placid Lake, near the town of Seely Lake.  This area is east of Flathead Lake, but over a large mountain range.  At Placid Lake we all got to go canoeing. placid1.jpg (119110 bytes)  That is us with Sam and Chancy and the next picture is Courtney and Erin.

More pictures from there.....   placid4.jpg (131329 bytes)  

When the kids headed home, we headed into Canada.  Turn to page three