Cruise 2013
I happened to see a very good price on a cruise we had talked about doing and then we found a great price on the necessary flight so we signed up for a trans-Atlantic cruise.  In this case, Carnival was moving a ship from the summer Mediterranean run to the winter Caribbean run.  We picked up the ship in  Barcelona, Spain and got off in New Orleans.  Here are some pictures.

We'll start off with a couple of pictures from "formal" nights.  On a 16 day cruise there was plenty of time to do dressup.   There wasn't a good place to capture a picture of the ship in Barcelona so here it is at our first port visit, Palma de Mallorca.
We had been to Palma before and weren't interested in any of the cruise sponsored tours so we rented a scooter and went for a ride. We ended up in this pretty small town, Valdemossa.  Of course, one of the busses from the cruise also stopped here. Sunset over Formentera after leaving Palma.  This sunset went into a green flash but I didn't capture it.
Our next stop was Malaga, Spain.  We walked to the Picasso Museum (he was born in Malaga).  This is the courtyard in the middle of the museum Because we were getting enough sweets on the ship, we had to stop here for a mid-day pick-me-up. Heading into the sunset and the Straits of Gibraltar after leaving Malaga
Moored across the pier from us at our next stop, Las Palmas, Canary Islands was this very nice looking tall ship. Lunch in Las Palmas A short video clip showing the sailors of the tall ship doing one of the old chanteys.
During the six day run across the Atlantic we had plenty of time to lie around the pool and ride the water slide.  This video shows the ride. Our last stop before New Orleans was at Grand Turk.  Our ship is the one on the far side of the pier.  
We went snorkeling at Grand Turk.  Very clear water. Saw a lot of these fish.  Also saw the drop off where the water depth goes from around 30 feet to 7000 feet along an almost vertical wall. A dangerous fish.  One of our guides took this with my camera. We used these torpedo like things to pull us around.  A lot of fun to play with.
Fan coral A replica of Friendship 7 which brought John Glenn to a splashdown near Gran Turk.  The VP, LBJ came to welcome home America's first man to orbit the earth.  Glenn and the VP both spent some time on GT after the flight. Wild horses, donkeys, and mules roam the island.
After great weather coming across the Atlantic we had heavy wind and rain in the Gulf of Mexico. Coming up the river to New Orleans Our B&B in the Garden District of New Orleans
Eating on Bourbon Street