2018 Gaviota

We returned to Gaviota on the 1st of January, looking forward to another winter of great sunsets and maybe some

other fun stuff.  There were only a limited number of great sunsets this year but we did also capture a few great

sunrises, a lunar eclipse, a full moon over the beach, and a rocket launch.  Regretfully, we didn’t have any of the

unusually things like a catalog shoot or the sea otter research team.  With that in mind, here are the pictures from


First up the sunsets

NOTE:  All pictures should enlarge if

you click on them

Now the sunrises.

Two from El Capitan State Beach

Rocket launch

A SpaceX Falcon Rocket

Stage seperation

Second stage booster still firing and fairings

and or first stage falling back to earth

Other Beach Pictures

Stormy weather

Shining sea

A busy pier-for birds.

Still closed to people :(

Moon Shots

Company.  Our friends Brent and Mickey came

to visit us from Michigan