Gaviota 2011

We left China Camp State Park after Christmas and got to Gaviota  on one of the last days in

December where we were met by a nice sunset.

We did a couple of interesting things in January. First, we visited Hearst Castle (where

we didn’t take very many pictures) and took one of the tours and we went on up the

coast to see the elephant seals.  Second, Jim went flying with a friend of his and took

some aerial pictures of the beach and park.  On top of that, there was a lunch of a heavy

rocket from Vandenberg that we could watch.

January sunsets

And one nice sunrise

Another sunset with one of

the park hosts going out to

remind folks that the park

closes at sunset.

That is our trailer

in the center of the

picture to the right.

That little

figure by the

creek is Gail

February brought all sorts of fun as Abercrombie and Fitch came to the beach for several days to shoot pictures and videos

for ads and a catalog.  They graciously invited the hosts and Rangers to stop in for a free lunch.

When not shooting pictures the boys

were busy throwing a frisbee, much to

Gail’s and the other women in the parks


Old cars were a big part of the theme

The duty ranger making

sure no rules were broken

Park hosts supervising

and a gull on the move

Lunch tents

More eye candy

More cars and by special permission, driving on the beach

Fun time


Shooting a scene

Shooting the water scene

After the water shoot

Motorhomes used as dressing rooms

Relaxation time

An egret working the beach in the late afternoon.
A few pictures from March sunrises
One of the things we enjoy at Gaviota is the chance to help the Marine Mammal rescue organizations.  They pick up injured mammals and after rehabilitation return them to the wild.  These pictures show a pair of young sea lions being returned to the sea.
One of the issues we sometimes have to deal with at Gaviota is flooding of the park.  When we have a very heavy winter rain the creek carries more water than can fit under the bridge just outside the kiosk.  The result is a flood of water (seen in the first picture) which races down the road and into the park as can be seen in the subsequent pictures.  We always hope we will get enough forewarning of a big storm to leave the park well before the flood.  As you can see in these pictures, our trailer is long gone.  After the water recedes, and the Park Service has brought in a big machine to scrape the mud off of the roads we can return to help clean up the rest of the park.
This storm came at the end of March and the park didn’t reopen before it was time for us to head back to Mossyrock.  Meaning that this is the end of the 2011 pictures. Thanks for stopping by.