Gaviota 2012
We returned to Gaviota on January 2nd, just a few minutes before sunset.  This was our welcome back display.
And a few days later we got this sunset.
Life at the beach isn’t just about sunsets though.  We also get to watch, and listen to the surf.
Gulls relaxing in the evening
Nojoqui Falls is a nearby County Park.  This was our first visit when the falls were running
High Tide
And some more sunset pictures
We had seen a bobcat wandering through the park a couple of years ago.  One of the Rangers saw this one i action at Gaviota and shared the pictures with us.
There is an ongoing study of the sea lions along the coast.  This year Gail got to out in one of their boats to look for some of the sea lions that had been tagged.  She took this nice picture of the park on that boat trip.
That’s all for 2012