Gaviota 2016

It was a warm January

Manipulated color (above)

A few shots experimenting with longer exposure times


We were happy to return to Gaviota and it turned out to be a year with lots of great sunsets and sunrises, some warm sunny days, and a trip to Gail’s city of birth. Rather than putting the pictures up in chronological order, I am doing it by subject. First up, our favorite sunsets.
Beach Scenes
How not to launch your boat
Low tide
A Lot of gulls
Approaching Jalama Beach
Playing at Jalama Beach
One of the busiest beach days we have seen
The beach after a big storm
We took a few days off and went down to LA and spent some time in Sierra Madre where Gail’s family lived when she was born. Tis was her father’s Church. We also went to the Getty Museum which has a beautiful campus and view.