Hawaii 2012 Snorkeling

Lawai beach across the road from our timeshare on Kauai had the best snorkeling of our trip, even though the water wasn't as clear as at Molokini.  Other pictures from around Maui and some from Poipu beach on Kauai.

Technically, not a snorkeling picture but this young Monk Seal was resting on the beach across from our timeshare when we went there to go snorkeling.   A sea turtle and a large school of Convict Tangfish.    Lots of fish.
Raccoon Butterflyfish   Raccoon Butterflyfish   Saddle Wrasse
    Moorish Idol   Needle fish or a Trumpet fish
Maybe a Common Wire Coral   Probably a Bluespine Unicornfish   Christmas Wrasse
Gail and the turtle        
Parrottfish   Parrottfish   Our place as seen from where these fish were swimming

Molokini.  A small islet off of Maui had the clearest water and a lot of fish but not as many as we had at Lawai.

Black Triggerfish   Raccoon Butterflyfish   Hawaiian Sergeant Fish
Showing off   Yellow Tang and   some type of Triggerfish
Pink Tailed Triggerfish       Yellow Tang and Spectacled Parrottfish
A Parrotfish-maybe the Spectacled Parrotfish   Justin, Gracie, and Erin   Threadfin Butterflyfish
Moorish Idols   Pink Tailed Triggerfish   Yellow Tang
Achilles Tang One of the most successful subs in WWII was named the Tang       The boat that brought us to Molokini

Snorkeling at other beaches on Maui

    Hawaiian Sergeant Fish   The state fish of Hawaii, the Reef Triggerfish-in Hawaiian Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
Convict Tang   Black Triggerfish    
Convict Tang   Surgeon fish    
    These Spotted Eagle Rays were seen off of Black Rock    
    At Kaanaplai    
People at Kaanapali taking pictures of the turtles   At Kahana    
In the open ocean.  Seen on the return trip from Molokini        

And last but not least, Poipiu beach on Kauai. There were more large fish at Poipu than the other beaches we visited.

Saddle Wrasse  

Hawaiian Sergeant Fish

  Common Wire Coral
Pacific Chub   Lowfin Chub, Saddle Wrasse, and Hawaiian Sergeant Fish   Lowfin Chub and Saddle Wrasse
Orangebar Surgeonfish   Hawaiian Sergeant Fish   Gail, a Christmas Wrasse and some

Hawaiian Sergeant Fish