Our New Camper
Our old pickup camper was starting to have mechanical and structural problems and we are less agile than we used to be (important when you are camping with two large dogs that take up most of the floor space. So we decided to get rid of it and get a replacement. Given the floor space constraints we decided to get a medium size motor home. After a bit of shopping around we found one that we liked, a 2015 Sunseeker 2900. It just under 30 feet long and has no slideouts which means it is lighter and we don’t have to worry about slideout problems. To help us get used to it we took it on two short trips, two days at the beach and 4 days in North Cascades National Park and a couple of National Forests. Here are some pictures.
The camper as it appeared on the dealers lot
Our dogs enjoying Copalis Beach
The image on the left shows the interior when we bought it. On the right, the way it looks today. The uncomfortable couch is gone and replaced with two chairs. The purple mat on the floor is a thick yoga mat which makes life easier on the dogs.
In Newhalem Campground, North Cascades NP
The Skagit River
Gorge Lake
In Goodell Campground North Cascades, NP with the Skagit river in our back yard
Our neighbors (i n the campground) enjoying dinner by the river
Diablo Lake
The view from Washington Pass overlook. Yes, there is a railing between me and the edge of the rock.
Also from the Washington Pass Overlook.
Klipchuck campground Okanagan National Forest
The view from behind the camper. That is Early Winter Creek down there.
In early October we took the camper out for one more short trip to the coast. The first night we stopped at Eagles Nest in Ilwaco and then went down the Oregon Coast.
We had sunny weather but with a good sized surf and onshore breeze there was a lot of moisture in the air.
Our next stop was Beachside State Park. Aptly named. Our camper is under those wind blown trees.
That evening we went out to dinner in Yachats and enjoyed a good dinner and a great sunset.
Next up, Umpqua Lighthouse State Park. On the left the view of Lake Marie from our camp site. On the right another view of the lake which has a nice 1 mile long path around it. Below is a relatively young tree growing on top of a very old stump. On the Lake Marie loop trail
The lighthouse (only one on the Oregon coast with both red and white flashes) and our camper parked across the street from the light.