Hawaii 2014 Maui
We spent a little over two weeks in Hawaii at the end of August and the first of September.  Our first stop was a time share on Maui in the town of Kihei, which for those of you who don't speak Hawaiian is pronounced key-hay.  One of the things we enjoy the most in Hawaii is the snorkeling so standby for pictures of fish as well as a little scenery.

The view from our room A late afternoon view Sunset
More sunsets shot on different days   Our pool
Makena Landing, our first snorkeling trip The water was fairly churned up by the wind so not a lot of fish sighted or photographed but did get these little creatures After not having much luck snorkeling on the south end of the island, we headed north to some beaches we had visited in the past.  First was Kaanapali Beach which is also known as Black Rock Beach for the black rocks at the north end of the beach.
The water wasn't perfectly clear but we saw a lot of fish, a turtle, and quite a few rays.    
  We took a day off from snorkeling and drove down the Road to Hana (and a little beyond).  The R2H, as it is known, is famous for being a curving road through the jungle, above the ocean, and one with great views.  How curvy?  620 curves, 56 bridges (49 are one way) packed into less than 50 miles. One of the side roads leads down to this beautiful point.
Same place as above Three Bear Falss Black Sand Beach
ditto And the beach as seen from above An unneeded sign.  We know there are curves ahead.
No kidding some of the jungle
Back to snorkeling, Kapalua Beach    

After Maui we went Kauai.  Click here to continue.