Europe 2016
Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and then a cruise from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale.  Sep 29-Nov 11.
First up was Iceland and a true bucket trip item, the Northern Lights
At the Blue Lagoon. All tourists to Iceland should visit this.
A couple of pictures from around town
Our next stop was Italy.  We spent a couple of day around Gaeta and Formia, where we used to live, then down to Monte di Procida to visit Our former landlord and his family
Looking across the Bay of Gaeta towards Gaeta from the beach near our old house in Formia
Our house is hidden behind the trees
Gaeta’s Cathedral maybe the first made with a Jerusalem marble exterior
Under the trees downtown Gaeta
At the Ristorante Italo having one of our favorites, Spaghetti in a bag.
Piccolo Alley the Americans called this narrow shopping center.
The former school that Erin attended for one year and that Gail taught in for both the years we were there.
On the left with Gennaro and Maria and on the right with three generations of family
The view from the roof of my former apartment
The view one morning from our hotel
Heading down the west of coast of Italy towards Sicily we stopped in Paestum to look at the Greek temples
Looking across a small bay at the road we will soon be driving on
In Siracusa
The view from our room
In front of some Greek ruins
More Greek ruins
Near the middle of Sicily is the Villa Romana di Casale which has the most amazing Mosaic floors
The nearby town of Piazza Armerina
Villa Calandrino, 19th century home turned into a 4 star hotel.
A Greek temple in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Sicily
Segesta.  Another Greek temple
Cornino, looking south
Looking back to Cornino across the bay
Our place in Conino, situated under some nice trees
A little sandy beach we found on the north shore of Sicily.
Sunset from Cornino and the end of the Italian pictures.