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Susan and Eric Thanksgiving about 1980 tday.jpg (38712 bytes)

Later that same Thanksgiving Day

tday2.jpg (41921 bytes)
Family Groetsema Fred in back,  Anna Sena & Senna Anna , Dad (Klaas) & Mom (Lena) family_g.jpg (13663 bytes) A young Fred Groetsema young_fg.jpg (8723 bytes)
Modern Voyagers Jennifer & Phil   Navasota River. voyagers.jpg (25613 bytes) Ooops!

Color is off in these because we joined in.

j&p_oops.jpg (41620 bytes)
    Bryan, Cathy, and Jonesy in their new home (still under construction) jones.jpg (23084 bytes)
Grandfather Pattison's brother, Will on a hunting trip near Fort Assinniboine, MT 1905 The family home in Mexico 1960-62
The 1927 Ford Tri-Motor landing at Tayoltita, Mexico trimotor.jpg (171673 bytes) Tayoltita, Mexico tay.jpg (256140 bytes)
Tayoltita as seen from our front yard tay1.jpg (73551 bytes) Wynn, Harry, and Bob in Mexico boys_tay.jpg (82720 bytes)