Family Photo Album

Bryan and Cathy C&b1.jpg (137452 bytes) Courtney and Erin C-e-97.jpg (67012 bytes)
Bryan and Kamelia Erin and Justin
Courtney and Dave

Cape Cod 2008

Courtney and Dave

Cape Cod 2008

Gracie June 2009 Justin and Gracie April 2010
Sam and Chancy 1997 dogs2.jpg (13133 bytes) Gail and her dogs

Christmas 1997

gail-dog.jpg (55837 bytes)
Grandfather Pattison driving across country in the early 20's hhp3.jpg (85199 bytes) Grandmother Pattison on the same trip
Ted, Gina, Michael and Alex ted&fam.jpg (10311 bytes) The Pattisons, June 1944 Harry H (Billy), Lola (Charley), Lola (Pat), & Harry C. (Pat).  Who wanted this picture taken? pat-fam.jpg (24425 bytes)

Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob Sydnor

pat&bob.jpg (24477 bytes)  

Aunt Pat & Uncle Bob Kwajalien 1946

bob&pat.jpg (22069 bytes)
Lola Pattison's parents the Charletons & Aunt Mert Bodley charle.jpg (28596 bytes)  


Us Christmas 1997

g&j-97.jpg (69146 bytes)


Ruth Wynn Pattison

mom.jpg (132485 bytes)  

Mom & Dad,           Fred & Lucille Groetsema

mom-dad.jpg (62203 bytes)
From the left,  Susan & Harry Pattison with son, Eric far right.


harry2.jpg (45708 bytes) Mom &  Dad, Ruth & Harry Pattison    Wedding picture mom&dad.jpg (21225 bytes)

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