Sint Maarten 2019
We went to Sint Maarten (the Dutch part of the island of St Martin) in November. Because of the way the flights worked out we decided to stop for a few days in Orlando on our way there
We went to the Universal Parks first and found very empty streets and very short lines, even in the Harry Potter section. Plus we saw Popeye and took this picture for Gavin
A castle in the Harry Potter section.
At Disney World we went first to Animal Kingdom to ride the Avatar ride we had missed last year. We waited over two hours for this ride last year. The sign says 70 minute wait, but in fact we were on the ride in about 35 minutes. The other Avatar ride had a wait of something like an hour and a half, down from 3-4 hours at Christmastime last year.
We finished the day at Hollywood Studios in the new section dedicated to Star Wars. We rode one of the new rides there (the second doesn’t open until December). While I really enjoyed the new ride, I’m sorry that they took out the stunt driving show to make room for it. Couldn’t they just have expanded the Park?
Sunset at the Edge of the Galaxy