Vacation 2004


We did a short trip over to Indiana and Michigan in May.  We visited with Denny and Sheryll   and took a trip up to Lake Michigan with them.  Then we joined Brent and Mickey for a few days of camping at some very nice campgrounds in Michigan before taking a ferry similar to this one across Lake Michigan and returning home. 


In June we took off for a longer trip through the west following (more or less, the route shown on this map.

We went through South Dakota, stopping in an old favorite of ours, Fisher's Grove Park and then on into Wyoming.  Our first stop in Wyoming was in a small National Forest Campground then we went by Devil's Tower    before stopping near the Medicine Wheel (see our pictures from 2001). 

Our next stop was Yellowstone National Park.  The last time we visited this park was in the 60's (separately of course).  Needless to say, the main features of Yellowstone haven't changed much.  The big difference is that we didn't see any bears on this trip.  We did see quite a few Bison though.  This fellow was camped in our part of the campground and gave us a bit of a start as we walked by him on the way to the evening Ranger program where we were reminded to stay away from the Bison-easy to say but hard to do when they want to camp with you.     Naturally, while in Yellowstone we went to see Ol' Faithful erupt and walked along the hot pools   


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