A page celebrating our Italian experiences

Note: this page dates back to a time  when web space was limited and scanning on our old slow computer was a pain in the tush.

Our pictures on these pages are from 1989-91 and 1995 when we lived there.

For more recent photos see our vacation 2000, vacation 2003 or vacation 2006  pages.


Gaeta, Our home for two years.  gaeta.jpg (18911 bytes)    

gaeta_1.jpg (27568 bytes)                         gaeta_3.jpg (28926 bytes)            gaeta_4.jpg (17063 bytes)

The sunset picture was taken from our house in Formia, seen here.     formia4.jpg (30898 bytes)     As was the

beach pictured here.  The house picture was taken from this beach (although not in the summer).  beach.jpg (52160 bytes)

Three more scenes from Formia.  formia2.jpg (54359 bytes)     formia1.jpg (38605 bytes)   formia3.jpg (17827 bytes)


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